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19th January 2007

arrannd12:46am: i got bored, and have to return "my" camera to its rightful owner. so i am a camera whore right now, getting my creativity on with photoshop and my face (need new face to take pics of). some pics are almost the same, but i was playing around so accept it. enjoy (i hope).

slight bondage
(possibly not work safe)
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Current Mood: calm

5th December 2006

arrannd9:05pm: when i ask you to not do it but you do it anyways

when i leave you behind and not look back

when i lay myself open and not let you in, its called freedom

Current Mood: contemplative

13th August 2006

arrannd1:10am: Devirginized Charcoal.
I finally got around to devirginizing my new charcoal pencils.  This was quick with no thought to major details, but i think i actually got the fabric down ok. for once. i usually cant draw fabric to save my life. oh well. enjoy:

Current Mood: creative

7th June 2006

arrannd1:20am: i found out that our digi cam is leaving us on sunday. crap. so i took a shitload of pics to tide myself over til i can get my hands on another one. i kind of got photochoppin happy, but some turned out pretty cool. others are just repeats of me trying to do something interesting to the same pic...

aight, time for lots of pics of my nerdy face:

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Current Mood: creative

10th March 2006


im on a roll with my antomy homework..go me.

whats with the snow? holy crap. i hope it dumps down. my parents have tons, we have a little, we need more!!
Current Mood: cold

14th February 2006

memories_of_sin12:16am: This is my first attempt EVER at drawing a skull, so I am fully aware of how shitty this is. I am practicing my anatomy, as per my homework my bf gave me ages ago and I never got around too. I am going to try and fill my lil moleskin with as much practice as I can...

...and now for the crap:
Current Mood: sad

8th February 2006

memories_of_sin11:55pm: holy sears portraits of death batman!
I was bored tonight, so that means you guys get a whack o new pics! sorry if some of them are in similial poses, i was practicing my photoshop skills...flip through em fast, i bet i move!

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Current Mood: creative

24th January 2006

memories_of_sin1:33pm: OoooOooOooOOOoooOOHHHhhHHhh..
new pictures..FINALLY!
Image hosting by Photobucket
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Current Mood: content

19th January 2006

memories_of_sin12:16am: Through the hallway, darkly...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Current Mood: devious

9th January 2006

memories_of_sin3:53pm: flapper extravaganza!
this is what i was up till 2 am painting last night.. hope you enjoy it...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

8th January 2006

memories_of_sin5:31pm: Flapper

A painting I did for a friend of mine:

Current Mood: grumpy

15th December 2005

memories_of_sin8:28pm: I am pimpin out a website that I think is awesome. Now, I dont normally pimp, but in this case, I am pimpin like a madwomen. This is a new site called DarkRuins. Please, go look at it, and if you are at all intrested, join up. It is a site for artist to gather and post their work. You can look at other peoples work and comment, or if youd rather, you can discuss art in a forum. I like this site cuz it's easy to manage, and there is no bullshit.


1st September 2005

amann76:52pm: new "ah my goddess"
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

25th August 2005

arrannd12:07pm: recent contribution to the Gallery:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Current Mood: bouncy

7th August 2005



the back alley angel tricked me.

Current Mood: drained

30th July 2005

arrannd9:50am: Her dinosaur came back to haunt her.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Current Mood: blank

14th July 2005

arrannd10:45am: apparently my husband is scared to death of clowns...

therefore, she does not like my new peice..

i say..too bad mofo! its going up in our living room!

Current Mood: discontent

11th July 2005

arrannd7:51pm: good lord..mohr art?
i have so many drawings, you guys are gonna get sick of it, im sure.
but.. too bad!
heres some oldies, but goodies..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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8th July 2005

arrannd12:25am: welcome, and when will i see you next?

she leaned back

she leaned, waiting for your support

she gave in to your support..


and saw through your eye(s).

Current Mood: oh blah da..life goes on, whoa

7th July 2005


the ragged souls community

ahh, thats much better.

18th May 2005

__blossom__9:24pm: check it out
check out the community oh__so__pretty

19th March 2005

arrannd10:09pm: Long time lurker, first time poster:

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Current Mood: artistic

27th February 2005

arrannd9:19am: aight peeps, ive created a new community for ya'll. basically a place where you can submit your poetry, stories, rants, raves and bitching... a place to let go and just be you. cuz im such a geek, you have to search the community under : memoreesofsin ... k?? GO THERE and JOIN!!!!!!
Current Mood: accomplished

17th January 2005

arrannd7:57pm: im feeling creative:
i did this all by myself, which means im either really creative, or just a huge geek... what do you think?

Current Mood: crappy

11th January 2005

arrannd8:09pm: Sorry if im not on topic!
ive never posted a pic in here before, i figured its time i do :P

*waves at everyone* Nice to meet you all finally!

Current Mood: chipper
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