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But only if you're crap

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If you've drawn something that you feel is especially crap today, then post it in here...we want to see it (so we can laugh at you).

This is a comminity specifically designed for those of you who are... how do you say...better at drawing crap than good? Yes. We appreciate your lame, non-existant artistic ability in a variety of different styles. However, If you do happen to be good at drawing but also very much enjoy the fun of drawing silly things that don't make any sense, your art is also welcome here. It is up to you what materials you use to create your masterful craptastic art but incase you arn't sure where to start here is a list of things that you might inspire you to get started:


...As long as it's all crap. But that doesn't mean it can't be good. It has to be tasteful crap, the kind people will look at and say, 'hey, some real thought went into that shitty piece of art. Some day, maybe someday I'll be able to create something equally as crap as that'.

come on in and join the fun. I'm sure you wil find your stay quite splendid.


I wasn't going to bother with this part but since it seems most other communities have rules (and usually quite a few), I thought mine would be really un-cool and lame if I didn't. However, since I'm not some snobby power tripping whore who likes to list about a million rules and will ban anyone that don't take five hours out of their life to read them, I'm going to limit it to only a few, fairly easy to follow ones.

. When posting your art, please write a discription of what it is, and what inspired you to create it.
. tell us how you found this community and what made you want to join.
. Tell us What your favourate sex position is
. And how many times you fart per day.

If you don't fart more than 5 times a day, you're banned.

also, I've just decided to make this a rating community. If your art meets our standard of shitty-greatness:

you will be accepted and loved.

If not....

you will be rejected and beat on. With a stick.

But You'll probably be accepted anyway no matter what everyone thinks. I just wanted to sound mean.

On a more serious note, I take this community very seriously, so If I see any bastardly behavior out of anybody they will get a severe punch in the ass.

Enjoy fellow arteeeests!